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  • Broken Screen


    - Breaking Cracking

    - Touch malfunction

    - Bad backlight on your screen

    - Colour spots on your retina screen

    - Faulty icons on the screen

  • Camera 


    - The quality of the shots is low

    - The camera display has physical damage

    - The shutter is broken or cracked

    - The camera app does not open

    - The app opens, but there is no picture

  • Charging Port


    - Your device cannot be charged

    - Computer devices do not recognise your Phone




  • Battery


    - Significant drop in the battery duration

    - Sudden battery discharge

    - Inability to charge your device

    - Inability to turn, your device, on.





  • Liquid Damage


    - Deactivate your device and do not activate it again.

    - Remove the moisture by using absorbent paper.

    - Try to hold your device, from the opposite side where the water entered, to avoid any further damage.

    - Avoid using heating devices to dry your Phone. They may cause overheating.


  • Buttons Issues


    - You will need more pressure on the button for proper operation.

    - The button will operate with intermissions

    The button will not function at all



  • Sound


    - Your Phone cannot replicate sound

    - The volume will be low

    - The sound will have poor quality

    - The sound will operate with intermissions

  • Microphone 


    Your interlocutor cannot hear you

    -  You cannot record sound



  • Software Services


    - Create Apple ID / eMail / Google Account

    - Restore / Back Up / Update





    Direct support from our specialised technicians. Contact us for any problem that you may facing.



    Quick Service

    We Repair 99% of the damages that may occur, in few Hours. 


    Quality Parts And Tools

    Spare parts and Tools of high standards and top quality.



    Our team is consisted of experienced technicians that will offer you solution for any malfunction.







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