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iPickUp 4 Simple Steps:


1. Contact us

For any damage of your device please contact us. Describe your device's symptoms to our technicians they will diagnose the problem/damage immediately. Then we will inform you about the cost of the repair.


2. Fill out our repair form

Just fill out the repair form with your name, address, phone number and briefly describe the problem with your device. By sending your device you agree to the terms and conditions.


3. Package the Device

To receive your device without it suffering further damage, it is important to pack it properly. It is preferable to place it in the box you bought it, if you still have it. Do not forget to write on the package your name, address, zip code and your phone number. Also, note the repair that your device probably needs.


4. Inform and Repair

We will contact you to inform you the final cost of your repair. After approval, we will immediately repair your device the same day for most repairs (batteries replacement need 24h). Motherboard repairs, liquid damage and a few other difficult repairs can take from 1-7 days to repair.


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