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iPhone 7

iPhone 7 - Protective Cases


Artwizz protective cases for iPhone 7 are available in many different variations. Whilst the transparent NoCase provides your smartphone with an invisible protection, the Camouflage Clip is despite its camouflage pattern a real eye-catcher. The backside of your new iPhone is protected by silicone and a TPU case in an elegant and stylish black colour as well as with impressive materials. The Rubber Clip as our classic backside protection brings colour onto your iPhone 7, whilst the light all-round protection SmartJacket® especially boasts with typical Apple colour tones. With the SeeJacket® Folio you are provided with a multi talent that doesn’t only protect your smartphone comprehensively but additionally offers an individual standing function. Make a decision on which iPhone 7 protective cover matches your taste and needs!


Silicone Case

Protective case made of soft silicone for iPhone 7

€ 14.99

TPU Case

Protective case made of flexible plastic for iPhone 7

€ 14.99


Transparent flexible protective case for iPhone 7

€ 16.99


Rubber Clip

Protective clip for iPhone 7

€ 19.99

Camouflage Clip

Protective clip in camouflage look for iPhone 7

€ 24.99


Protective clip with front cover for iPhone 7

€ 26.99


SeeJacket® Folio

Protective case with stand function for iPhone 7

€ 36.99

Leather Clip

Protective Leather Clip for iPhone 7

€ 34.99






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